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Hi Guyz, We have yet another video for SAFishing Reviews Unboxing vidoe. Also I’ve briefed the text about the video from NickCfishin who is doing SA FISHING REVIEWS the products.

as we’re back with a another unboxing for this month i do to each month i do a

mystery tackle box which a lot of people have another one that I do with salt
armor which not a lot of people have what I highly highly recommend going
ahead and getting this tackle subscription the mystery tackle box is0:16twenty-five dollars a month
this one is actually fifty dollars a month and the reason that it’s more
expensive is because not only does it come with Bates
it also comes with apparel shirts hats rod holders all that kind of fun stuff also.


Tackle Box

Sa Fishing Reviews Tackle Box
So let’s go ahead and bust into this box going to give you guys an idea of how
salt armor operates their stuff which to be fully honest I like mystery tackle
I like the base and everything but this is my preferred box for the month
much much would have salt armor so if one gets cancelled it will probably be a
mystery tackle box and then we’ll only have salt on your own boxes but for now
we’re definitely doing both I’m trying to expand my entire collection of Bates
things like that try to work into new areas new baits that I’ve never used and
this is perfect for that
so if you’re trying to expand or get into different styles mystery tackle box
salt armor lucky Tackle Box I’ve heard a lot of bad reviews about that one but
that’s not my business
so let’s go ahead and bust into this so with every summer tackle box you always
get a plano tackle box
really nice out snaps every single one you always get actual tackle box full of
it could be different style Bates but so far i’ve only gotten soft plastics.


Looking Inside The Box | SA Fishing Reviews


let’s take a look so we’re working with this time so we’ve got eyes
the crawdad looking guy whew these bad boys
looks like frogs and that’s a bright as bait
check that guy out that could really attract something down here in this
murky water that we have that bright blue and green would probably be pretty
decent but yeah so they always every single tackle box from Salt armor will
come with one of these the box included plus the base inside which is obviously
one of my favorite things about it is that I constantly have somewhere to put
the bait they keep giving me and you will always get a soft armor decal which
I have already on my boat right there
so maybe we’ll give this one away.
This month since i’m going to do a giveaway this weekend for a soft on her
face shield.



Plus i’m gonna go ahead and do a giveaway for a pair of brush head looks
so we’ll go ahead to face mask this and books
as with all of their boxes they will give you this which is kind of a
breakdown of what they put in your box same as mystery tackle box does so we’ve
got a frog popper a glass – no hollow frog and a threadfin shad crankbait
those are the four extras that I got on top of what came in that plane tackle
let’s take a look at those here’s the live target frog
this is the Frog popper as you can see the little
well maybe not see but there’s a little pop your mouth on it but this guy and
don’t see frogs that often look like this it’s got a nice little tail on the
end of it.


Mystery Tackle Box

yeah nice little piece another life target which you know if you guys know
it live targets expensive arm
it’s not necessarily the very first brand that i would jump to
but i like everything I’ve used so far this is the second and the baseball
series that I’ve received the first one that I got it
think was mystery tackle box and it was the yearling it’s the EBT it’s only
about this big and it’s like four or five small yellow fish in a bait ball
this one is much larger would hopefully catch me some slightly larger fish but
as you guys can tell there is two fish and they are connected to give it kind
of a bait ball look even though this one is much less the other one like I said
it’s five fish this is only two but the overall size
it’s almost triple so this is a pretty nice piece i’m interested to use this
three to four feet so very shallow very shallow crank and another life target
this is a five to seven so slightly deeper this is the threadfin shad and
man this thing is bright
lots of vibrant color to it bright oranges really bright silver nice blue
on top really nice long whip to it
so this could be pretty nice this will probably end up on a fraud
almost immediately just to find out
and last but not least as far as bait goes.


Summer Box

here’s the Frog this is the hollow frog looks like a nice dark green color down
here in texas we don’t have like lily pads or I say we don’t have we do but
the local lake where I fish and most of the places where I go I don’t really
have a need for frogs but i always liked having backups in case i do end up and
some really thick stuff that I can run this top water all that fun stuff but
it’s a you know this one looks like it was an eye cast 2010
I don’t know if this was like a favorite product from my cast which group if you
know anything about fishing you know I cast is a huge deal
so this one was 2010 this live target actually says I cast 2012
so both of these frogs must have had a pretty good reviews or they did
something that I cast that people were happy about and typically they don’t
always come with face shields in the summer box but I so far all of mine have
so this month was i ordered it in june and it’s for july so it’s a little bit
more festive it’s a little bit more American
so we have the dude that one pretty standard face shield they might have ran
low because i think this whole box was supposed to be kind of American themed
fourth of July all that good stuff so this kind of a standard and then last
but not least I can’t deal with this one is still open
we can find out.


Good Stuff

Oh yeah check that out but that’s a pretty sick face mask ok so there’s the
three of those and then last but not least
like I said they all come with the parents so here’s a shirt on this one
and I know what this sure looks like before the actual saw an advance on a
video that they do because they will do a brief video keep that in mind if you
want to know what’s in the box before you purchase it unlike mystery tackle
They do a very short 20 30 second video that will show you all the items that
come in each box
so that’s really nice so you kind of have an idea in advance but this is a
performance shirt and I am ecstatic about this one so it’s a white but check
out this on the back
look at that that is a cleanse a badass t-shirt
so that is the that is the small farmer box for this month
what a good stuff actually i’m really really happy about this one really


Giveaway Video

so we’ll we’ll get all this stuff put up and as always we’ll try to bring you
guys some footage on the water maybe we’ll try to use a few of these and what
up let you guys know how they work
all right perfect thank you guys very much have a good day like I said
giveaway video and i know i keep going on
giveaway video this weekend we will do one soft armor face shield
I’ll give up five and i’ll let you guys decide which one will be to give away
you guys get to pick if you’re the winner
and like i said the brush head which
let me show you guys that was real quick in case you know you decide to only
watch one one of my videos in both this is the hooks i’ll be giving away as well
so there’s that face mask and like i said i’ll go ahead and give away the
soft armor decal since already happened on the boat
other than that you guys have a good day and I’ll see this weekend