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I’ve briefed about this vidoe through text: alright you two World gotta unboxing
video for you well kind of an unboxing
video this is fishing related
it’s a company’s called SI armor Fishing
Company very similar to well i guess i
can say similar but lucky tackle box
mystery tackle box that sort of thing so
if you’re you got subscription to though
you might be interested in doing this
we’re going to open in front of you guys
but I just got off the water I went
fishing right after work so i wanted to
go out there and try this step out and
see what about its to me you’ll see why
in a minute but basically with company
you have the same $15 plans to choose
from that you have with lucky tackle box
for mysteries achenbach recurs every
month until you cancel the most
attractive thing that you have a
twenty-dollar plan I think that’s
similar as well we’re used to one-time


Deals from SA Fishing

Hey hey I’m try it out see what you got
there anything exact same thing that you
get with a fifteen dollar plan but it’s
just a one-time deal
so you can do that as well and then you
got the Pro Pack swimming over now
kind of they got way way more
subscriptions the night off they’re
gonna get so they they ran out of boxes
they have the ship the Hat separately
with a minute and it just to which it’s
ok they’ll make up for next month but
they got bombarded me how we’re gonna
get this shirt.
This is a very high material shirt
ok they’re going to get out sure every
month this is the pro back
propac it’s forty dollars a month ok so
you’re gonna get sure every month
there’s one of this month it’s nice guy
on the back.


New Designs Every Month

each month they’re going to have a
different design different color
everything that’s cool you got the face
shields but I’m wearing now those of you
that wear them i’m sure you know how
might they are those sunny days you put
on your hat with the hat not here yet
had to get shipped separately because
they ran out of boxes so they have all
their stuff and I got inside this
package and that’s gonna come separately
they couldn’t get a package like this
well with these base shields are there
nice nice material this is just a skep
fish all over one where now you get five
of these one another one just there as a
company logo
I gotta do this another one with their
logo on it and these two are kind of


Joker Face Shield

This is what people want to see they
don’t just send your garbage they sent
his good stuff
joker face
ok that’s a nice one
these alone on their website or 1999
just to buy one of them so I’ve got five
you do the math that our box right there
three bucks and retail i spent forty
dollars kid this the other one that got
a cool-looking course he’s got the logo
on it but it’s also looks like that but
these are really nice if you don’t get
sunburned out of the water
I like them so you get this
you got a shirt ok this shirt retails
for on their website to go buy this
shirt at 29 so I got a thirty-dollar
shirt I’ve got one hundred dollars and
face shield
ok that’s a hard 30 bucks right there
only spent for you and then with the


Doller Deal

You’re gonna get a box if you get the
pro pack at forty dollars a month
I don’t work for the FAA company
I’m just telling you what you get for
not paying me to do anything I’m just
tell me guys what is going to tackle box
like this okay with the pro pack you’ll
get a box every single mom this is not a
treat box this is here they used to
click your nice boxes right every month
with the program does not come with the
$14 planner for the 15-dollar plan
doesn’t come with twenty dollar deal
you’ll get a box every month this month
they wrap all your plastics up i’ll go
through each one of these in a bag
individually sealed ok i fished with
three of these today and i’ll show you
the three hours out on the water for
two-and-a-half hours i call about a
dozen back three of which were over four
ok two of the four pounders came on this
this is for whatever reason they’re
their own company that makes their own


Comments By Video Blogger

This is what I caught on look to be
about five and a half into were me I
don’t know what is the blue tail maybe
just drives them nuts but this was my
favorite plastic today this one I didn’t
use it all but I’m gonna show you the
same thing as the other would it have
black have green i will eventually use
it i’ll probably use it tomorrow but
doesn’t ring i’m here in the Midwest by
the way i’m in northern Indiana so the
weather we have here kinda been kind of
tricky i think we’re still technically
priests planning but I they could be
spying on my hundred percent i don’t
know camera underwater to check there’s
another one.


Fishing Experience Using SA Fishing Box

I use one of these today in a different
color and i use a wacky break I did
catch largemouth on it if you could tell
us to the red and black specks but you
got that 1i like these kind of boxes and
like i said this was appealing to me
because i love using plastics i love
using rubber worms love using all that
stuff I i’m not a huge on lewers but
that’s why I i ordered these guys is
your first this is a nice nice color to
a purple really dark almost black did
not use this one today we’re getting
probably wondering why did you test them
all up well we didn’t get them all out
because I was having so much luck on the
purple with blue tail and then this next
one I’m gonna show you here i did a
Carolina rig caught a couple and I
caught a couple with the the wacky rig
but actually I lost a couple of today
too but that’s ok that’s what you get
when you use them and then the final one
here is a guy they’re ribbed tattletale
on it and then everyone you’re going to
get different design different they’ve
got a guy that creates everything they
use this stuff in their tournament so
you get a different thing every month
you’re gonna get your tackle box every
month will the container alone.
I mean this is nice going to use so many
container then your your master room but
anyhow that’s what it is i’m going to be
doing a lot more videos I’ve never got
videos on fishing even though i did a
lot of patient i don’t have the fancy
equipment fancy cameras looking to doing
it without a phone and camera on my boat
today well done.


Tackle Box

water it would have been you have been
something i could have compressed all
that down to a good 15 minute clip I’m
just nothing but pass up the bass don’t
have it i got my phone which is what
you’re doing me on right now so that’s
what is the pro back forty dollars a
month you get five face shields ok
tackle box with tackle this shirt you
can get a hat had it not here yet but
you’re gonna have I’m pretty sure you
get a different have you want as well as
over there talking easily turn fifty
dollars and merchandise that you’re
getting for 40 bucks that is that’s
so anyhow that’s all I got if I can find
a way and photos in with this video to
show you guys how did on the water day I
did take a lot of pictures and when I
caught I’ll do that if I can’t figure it
just bear with me i’m going to get a
camera to get off my boat so that i can
show you guys what’s going on out there
anyhow that’s all I got jet question
comment just leaving for me classroom
other net without.


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